Yushuang Li Profile Picture

Hi! I am Yushuang Li. I am the owner of Santa Fe Excellent Massage and I have been in business here in Santa Fe for 8 years. I grew up in a small village in south China, learned basic knowledge about Chinese medicine and the human body and years later, I learned massage therapy at an Asian massage therapy school in California. My staff and I are licensed by the New Mexico Massage Therapy Board.

We offer a full line of massage modalities which include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Meridian Massage that uses acupressure points, as well as custom treatments that focus on problem areas. Our goal is to provide health-promoting therapeutic massage to help improve our clients well-being and physical vitality. When a client comes into our office they can expect full personal attention to their concerns by a trained and dedicated staff.

Many clients come to us because of special issues that they want to address, as well as other clients who come in to get a relaxing treatment to lower their stress level. What makes us unique is that our treatments are based on traditional Chinese modalities that renew energy, reduce pain, tiredness and stress.

Our business is sustained by many repeat customers, both local clients and out-of-town tourists which testifies to our quality work, friendly honest staff and tangible results....