Powerful Reflexology & Feet Soaking

Powerful Reflexology & Feet SoakingWhere are the reflexology points and areas?

In reflexology, points and areas on the feet, hands, and ears correspond to specific organs, bones and body systems. Practitioners access these points on the feet, hands "bottom, sides and top" and the ear"both inside, as far as the finger can reach, and outside" to affect organs and systems throughout the entire body.


Raises the body's immunity function.

Reflexology can reinforce the lymph system as well as the liver, spleen and other organs. It also can cause the break down of toxic substances in the body whereupon the blood phagocytes will eliminate them by metabolizing them. Reflexology increases the quantity of white blood cells and elevates the level of and activates lymph cells. An example being the specific immunity function of the T-lymph cells and B-lymph cells increasing stomach,intestinal, respiratory and other organs' immunity function, thereby allowing the human body to resist disease.


Eliminates fatigue

Reflexology can have a dilation or contraction effect on the blood vessels. It therefore has two ways to regulate circulatory function and it allows the automatic nervous system to maintain a balanced condition. By regulating blood pressure through blood vessel dilation and contraction, it improves blood circulation and increases blood oxygenation. Reflexology can also accelerate metabolism and regulate heart rate. Example: If a person has high blood pressure, and you are working on the hypertension, kidney, ureter, bladder, heart, brain and adrenal gland points, this will control and balance the blood pressure.


Accelerates metabolismfeet 2

Reflexology can improve the functioning of the body's endocrine gland system and secretion of hormones. Acceleration of metabolism is accomplished by strengthening visceral organs, tissue function and by causing the body to keep high quality balance. Examples being menopausal syndrome and endocrine system malfunction, indications of imbalance. Working on the reflexology areas of the brain stem, the brain, the thyroid and the adrenal glands can accelerate the metabolism thereby aiding the body to resist disease and recover health in these two instances.


Antispasmodic analgesic

Pain produced at the point in the reflexology area transmits impulses to the brain which then sends a signal to release physical pain or dysfunction at the intended site. For example, if one has sciatic and you are working on the reflexology points corresponding to the waist, hip and knee, it will decrease or eliminate the sciatic pain.


Health and beauty

Reflexology can increase the body's flow of blood, balancing the functioning of the nervous system and invigorate the endocrine system. It can therefore elevate the body's internal environment, increasing harmony among the organs and functions of the body. Reflexology can make the face's complexion rosy and the skin moist and elastic. It also can decrease the fat from around the body's waist and abdominal area keeping it all in shape.