"In addition to excellent massages, Yushuang Li has given me very thorough reflexology treatments - feet, hands, and head along with the soaking of my feet in healing water - for more than 6 years. Her skill and attention uplift and soothe my soul. I always look forward to regularly getting a massage from Yushuang Li because she keeps my body free of tightness and I feel such lightness after each time. Even if you can only visit her once while you are here it will be worth it!"

- N.K., Santa Fe, NM


"I get a massage every month back home, when I was visiting Santa Fe, I tried Santa Fe Excellent Massage. I had a great experience and great massage! I will make it an annual event."


"I have been getting massages from Li for over 5 years. During that time I have never felt more flexible and rested. Li's techniques are truly unique. I have had massage all over the world, and I can attest; you will not find a better massage therapist."
- Jason, Santa Fe, NM
"I have always thought of Li as more than a massage therapist. Li is a true healer. She is the only therapist I trust to work on me if I am injured, and she is a master in the art of relaxation."
- Raoul, Santa Fe, NM


"Great massage from Li. Great hands and touch, and I always feel great. I will be back for more."

- Dick, Santa Fe, NM


"I had always been a person who considered massage to be a "decadent luxury". I have always needed some excuse for why I should spend money on something so "frivolous". When my beloved 15 year old dog passed away last year, I sought out a random massage. That chance meeting with Yushuang Li changed my view of massage and of how I now take care of myself. Her "Buddha Hands" have helped me negotiate through stressful situations as well as through a major medical emergency. Thanks to Li, I now understand there is a lot more to massage than a "feel good" experience. It can protect and even restore one's health and well-being. Thank you, Li, for helping me see myself as worthy of excellent self-care!"
- Darla, Santa Fe, NM
"As a former competitive athlete I accumulated a lot of injuries and wear and tear on my body. Through Yushuang's technique, skill and caring touch, her massage has helped me tremendously."
- James McDonnell, Santa Fe, NM
 "Thank you so much for my massage! Li is a very kind and caring massage therapist. A great value for the money."
- Jason T., Santa Fe, NM


 "Li is a well trained and very skilled massage therapist. In addition, she is very knowledgeable in Chinese herbs and blend the two modalities nicely. I have been going to Li for 4 years and would highly recommend her!"
- Meagan, Santa Fe, NM
 "Yushuang Li is an excellent massage therapist. I have been her client for over four years now. Yushuang and her staff are professional and well trained in the art of therapeutic Massage. She will always make the effort even on short notice to fit you in. I keep returning because she is always positive and a great listener who combines your wishes to your body's needs. Excellent Massage offers a clean office providing a relaxing environment resulting in the best possible experience."
- TSB, Santa Fe, NM
"We have been getting massages from Yushusang Li whose business in located at 1418 Luisa St. #1 for at least five years and highly recommend her. She is very intuitive and understands the needs of the body. Each massage is customized to an individual's needs. Try her -- you'll like her."
- Santa Fe, NM
 "Having a massage with Yushuang Li is like a health check up, at the same time that the massage feels wonderful. Ms. Li has an amazing knowlede of the human body, its meridians and their interactions. She shares this knowledge along with things a client can do for nurturing what is weak."
- Maggie, Santa Fe, NM
"Li is amazing. A truly unforgettable experience. Thank you Li."
- Erica HB, Santa Fe, NM
"Absolutely excellent!"
- Margie Stover Lea
 "I am writing this letter as a personal reference for Yushuang Li.

I have known Yushuang Li  for over 3 years and have found her to be honest, reliable, hard working, and courteous. Her willingness to listen to my aches, pains & complaints and handle them with her excellent technique and skills left me very impressed and feeling 100x Better!
I am certain that you will find Yushuang Li's services well worth the price. Your health and well being will definitely be improved."
- Veronica Alarid, Santa Fe, NM
I offer this testimonial for Yushuang Li and her staff.  As a native Santa Fean, I have had many massages throughout the years here.  By far Yushuang Li provides a healing traditional massage like no other.  She is so knowledgeable about various techniques and has helped me relieve stress and get into that deep relaxation zone.  I sleep better after one of her treatments.  The price is very reasonable for the level of care you receive.  I highly recommend Santa Fe Excellent Massage as the place to frequent...Your body will thank you!

- Virginia of Santa Fe, NM